most ? or someone picking on her?


12 Years
Aug 21, 2009
Belding Michigan
noticed one of my sussex hens with a bare spot under her chin, do chickens have chins? well on her neck above her crop. not were the rooster would grab her. her chest feathers as well as my roos chest feathers look ruffled as though they cold be molting. I thought most of my birds molted late fall but maybe these 2 were slow. 13 birds in all 1yr old today. otherwise seem happy and healthy. I think this may be the same hen I found in the nest box several times while all the others were on the roost.
It could be a mini moult or she could be pulling her own feathers out for the nest indicating she might be going broody. I'd check her for lice and mites also just to be on the safe side.
That sounds about right. Also what are you feeding them and what are they living in? Sometimes feather loss can be from overcrowding (boredom) or lack of protien. I think the above suggestions are more likely though.

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