Mother cat abandoned four kittens in our attic... does anyone here have any advice?

Honestly you can’t really keep them clean all the time at this age. We would just give them a good wipe down with a damp cloth or baby wipe after every meal. Despite that we usually have to give them a water bath at least once every week or two since sometimes they just get covered in stuff.
Gotcha. :)

You can get a cat fixed as early as 8 weeks but generally you want to wait until 5-6 months of age or there’s a risk of stunted growth. In an ideal world you can keep them completely separate until they are done growing and then get them fixed. But the world isn’t ideal so it’s just a matter of weighing risks for your particular situation.
I see. :) Hopefully the new owners will do this.

EDIT: I don’t use flea collars on our cats since cats can get a collar caught on objects much easier than a dog. Any collar a cat wears should be a breakaway style collar so they can’t accidentally hang themselves.
This was my fear with these and why I never used them.

Kittens need to have clean skin, and mama cats are washing them all the time. Don't be afraid to wash them as needed, just make sure they aren't chilled in the process. If that damp wipe isn't enough, go with a partial or full bath.
Will do!
Wanted to leave a quick update - I don't like to leave things open-ended in which no one knows how the outcome. All four are doing well. Their names are Panther (black one), Dinah (smaller gray one), Serena (bigger gray one), and Earl Grey (white and gray one).

After syringe feeding for quite a while, Panther decided he wanted to drink out of a saucer. The next day he wanted kitten food. Then he decided to be the first to figure out how to play with a ball, and first to use the scratcher, and first to use the litter box. Surprised me. Went from I wasn't sure if he'd make it to surpassing his siblings in milestones. I'll try to remember to share photos and videos soon. They are pretty much ready to be adopted out now. ❤️ Here are Serena and Earl Grey on my lap:


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