Mother Hen does not look so good

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    My eldest hen named Miss Carrie hatched a batch of 5 eggs today. The peeps are doing great, it is Mom I am concerned about. She is very stoic and when she sets she never leaves the nest unless we take her off. We always have to hand water and feed her. We verified she never gets off by placing the food in the dish in such a manner you would be able to tell if she touched it and the wayer we mark the dish.

    She looked relatively good until today. Her comb is very pale and she is very pale in the facial area as well as her wattles. They are normally bright red. She is also breathing with her mouth open, though not in a panting manner. When I tried to giver her water she turned her head. I gave her mealworms her favorite treat and she did not want them either. I have PolyViSol vitamins with Iron here that someone on this forum told me to get for a lethargic chick a while back, but my Vet recommended not using it do to Iron if given to much will destroy the chickens liver thus resulting in death.

    So my question is what else do you all advise me to give Miss Carrie to perk her up, and get more color back.

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    I'd treat her like a sick bird, keep her warm try to get her to eat and make sure she stays hydrated. Sounds like hatching eggs took the energy from her and she needs to get it back. I'd try to keep the chicks with her, but have it set up so the chicks can eat and drink no problem. Taking her chicks from to to get her better may stress her out more.

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