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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by DIMBY, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. DIMBY

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    Jun 14, 2009
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    Hello, after doing some research and talking with friends (who are now my mentors) about raising chickens for the eggs, took the plunge this spring and got six chickens, build the henhouse, everything. It has been incredible fun and rewarding in ways I did not anticipate. :/However, to the endless humor of my non-chicken owning friends, I have discovered that the baby chicks have had to be trained in: going into the henhouse at night (four nights of training), and perch sitting (one week and counting on that one). With some modifications (and a learning curve) on my part, we're getting there but it leads to a suggestion that I have not read here, and I'd like to know other opinions.

    For all newbies in their first year -- How about getting an holder hen who is there in the coop when the babies are ready to go outside, one that knows the ropes and can show them the way, so to speak? In my area, there are lots of 4-H kids who have older hens that they will sell - I'm going to get one in the next week or two - for not much money. I think this would have solved many of my problems, and I should have thought of it earlier. My friends who have been doing this for years already have the older hens (and I think they have forgotten how it was with their first flock).

    So, should this be added to the "Top 10 things to do when you get chickens" List?[​IMG]
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    If only it were so easy. Many hens would peck little chicks coming into their coop, even peck them to death. Be very careful!
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    Quote:Welcome to BYC!! Congrats on your new chicks! As the PP has stated, many hens will peck at new chicks if they are not hers. I would not recommend getting one. IF you do, you still need to quarentine her from your chicks just in case she would have some disease.. you wouldn't want the chicks to get it.
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    Feb 7, 2009
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    Your almost there. Just be patient, they will catch on soon and their isn't much more to teach them.. Good Luck and welcome to BYC.
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    Thanks everybody, now you've given me even more to think about, just when I thought I might have figured out a solution. I've posted pictures I just took at, if anybody wants to check them out (I even caught one of them using the new and improved perch! Yaaaa!)
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    May 4, 2009
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    Pretty girls!

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