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    I saw someone selling six hens (one year olds) online locally, silver laced wyandottes, an aracauna/mixed breed and a couple aracauna. Soo... I'm wondering, I have 24 one week olds right now. Would it be too late to use a hen to raise them? I also have 24 five week olds in their coop. If I did get one or more layers from her I would put them (and the chicks) in the coop too if you all think it would work out. As far as "pecking order" the "mother hen" would be older so I thought maybe this would work as far as her being larger and protecting the younger birds...Any idea if this would be okay?
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    Anyone...anyone? [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Unless you get a hen that is broody and want to raise chicks, it would be a very bad idea. Not all hens go broody and if they are not inclined to, they will not automatically take care of chicks and in fact my attack them or at best keep them away from the feeders.

    Only a hen with chicks already may be willing to adopt others and even then that does not always work.
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    Okay that is what I was afraid of. I'll ask her if any of them are broody and if they have proven their "mothering" skills yet. If not I'll just pass. Thanks!
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