Motorcycle time already?


11 Years
Jun 17, 2009
Central Massachussetts
I just heard a noise outside, look out and there goes my older sister taking off on her Harley. It's nice out today, but I didn't think it was that nice. There is still snow, and the roads are very sandy. Man I worry about that girl!

Anyone else in the northern part of the country think it's time for motorcycles or just my crazy older sister?
I think I heard a motorcycle yesterday
all i thought was the first day of nice weather and someone is on a motorcycle already lol. Its maybe into the 40's here, very wet out from the snow melting, and I would think its still cold weather for riding. lol.
my fiance says that he'll ride as long as the bike will run - so unless there's snow preventing him getting his motorbike out, he rides. Of course, since we don't have a car he doesn't have a choice!
Albany, NY here. Yes, it was a very sunny day today BUT, there is alot of salt and sand on the roads and the road surface is cold. Which means slippery. Nope, no riding for me yet. Too afraid of a slide. I'm sure that if you are very careful and just go "round the block" no problem, just be careful.

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