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Nov 29, 2011
I´ve heard some people are working with them and I was wondering if they could post pics of how their projects are doing. I thought it was impossible to have mottled ameraucanas but I guess I was wrong
I have not worked with mottled ameraucanas but its possible to produce them by using black ameraucanas with a similar breed with the mottling gene and then do a F1xF1 and select for the best looking mottled birds...
Black male x Speckled sussex would be a good method, or Ancona, exchecker leghorn. All are fairly common and would result in a Mottled Americauna in the F2 generation.
There are a few breeders working on mottled and looking for new breeders to help.Check the posts on the ameraucana club forum.Exchanger leghorn is the pied gene.All these colors have the same leg color issue as barring.The erminett gene is like the dominate form of pied.I have this gene but have been unable to find much info on it.
I believe there are members of the ABC already working on them. Check with Dak I think she stated she is in the loop working on them.
You can make a mottled ameraucana. The mottling gene is similar to barring gene. The mottling gene will prevent the addition of black pigment to the epidermis due to the E locus allele . It does not effect the melanin added to the demis by dermal melanin.

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There were some pictures way back somewhere in the vastness of the Ameraucana thread of mottled and blue mottled project Ameraucanas.

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