Moulding Or Mounting Feather Loss


8 Years
Feb 27, 2011
Hey! I Have Had My Hens 4 A Year Now! In The Last Few 2 Months I Noticed That They Were Losing Feathers

Some Of The Feathers Were The Hens Had Lost The Feathers Were Crooked But On Other Hens They Were Perfect!!

So Thats Wat I Want To Know Is It Due To Moulting Or Feather Loss
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Have you noticed any pecking or picking at each other (more than normal, I mean)? If not, then they are probably moulting. Mine have been for a while now, just starting to grow new ones finally...they looked kinda pitiful!
if they're pecking at eachother, it could be a calcium deficiency... but if they're just going thru a bad molt... that's a tough one... i think it's their diet... what are you feeding them...? how much calcium and protein...?
em...... i feed them rolled barley and layers mash...... and i also let them out most of the day so they gets lots of bugs, grass grit and all !

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