Moulting & Egglaying--How soon should she lay again?

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    Hey, first time chicken owner here. I've only had my hens for a couple months now...the one I'm curious about in specific is Blondie, a year-old wheaten Ameraucana. She started laying about a week and a half after I got her home, and faithfully laid almost every day, well after the other three (unknown breed, and 2 BLRW hens) stopped laying and molted. She only stopped laying when she started dropping feathers. She dropped feathers for about a week, acted like she was going broody (growling and fluffing and everything) until I brought her into the house in what is now being termed the "annoy-the-hens-until-they-stop-being-broody" technique of putting her in a dog kennel in the living room to be annoyed by activity for two days, and then she went out of her broodiness and went back into the pen. (Surprisingly, she apparently decided this was a bonding experience for us, and now gleefully runs over to see me when I go near the pen.)
    She then promptly started laying again, every other day, and has been doing so for a week and a half now. I think she's broken??? I thought they weren't supposed to start laying again until spring?? Is this normal??
    For that matter, none of my girls looked as bad as most of the pictures of molting birds I see on here. I raked a HUGE pile of feathers out of the pen this weekend, and can verify that everyone dropped feathers, but nobody went bald or partially bald the way that some birds on here seem to. Is that normal? Do some birds just not moult as badly? Or are they still moulting, and just doing it very slowly?? This is all very puzzling to me. Any answers would be appreciated!!

    The eggs especially caught me by surprise. We bought a dozen eggs from the store once we started running low on eggs and Blondie stopped laying, since we figured that was the last hurrah of the year, and now we have about 18 eggs in the fridge. Gah. I need egg recipes.

    Thanks in advance for your help!!!
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    I guess no chicken molts the same. My 2 roos had a terrible molt. Feathers everywhere. My hens weren't near as bad. They are back to laying and I expect they will lay thru the winter like last year.

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