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My Mountain Quail have arrived... I expected them to have leg bands showing them sexed or individually paired in setts.... but... they were not... so now I need help sexing them... they all arrived in one box. they are magnificant birds... I will post pictures of each one...

If you have any pictures to post of how to sex the birds... please let me know... with my luck... Id probly pair them wrong...






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Sexing young Mountain Quail is exceedingly difficult in my experience, and I can’t be very sure on the sex until the quail are nearly grown. In the male, the hind-neck is grayish-blue, while in the hen, the brown color of the back goes up to the top of the head. However I believe this difference is nearly absent in west coast birds. I found this thread in the gamebird gazette magazine. Maybe this will help you.
They are just lovely! What are your plans for them? Breeding, or just as pets? I am curious because I just hatched out 18 Bobwhite Quail eggs, and I have no idea what I'll be doing with them. The eggs came with my incubator package, so I hatched them.

They're about 3 week old now, and as they grow, I'm wondering what to do!

I called the breeder... He wa very polite... He said he was sorry he did not leg band them... he was caught up between other orders and catching a flight... He was very nice about everything... He said that once breeding starts... it will be aparent who is who... More picture later...

I plan on breeding them and selling them... but not for a while... Im actually trying to breed extras to fill some aviary's my family plans to build.... after that... then Id sell the rest... Im actually interested in 4 female bobwhites...

Just thouht Id' share.
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Love the foam padding up top. Clever idea! Also glad to see CM is putting out some quality birds. Ive seen the name around but never seen their stock.
I was told you can sex them based on the length of their top feather, the males are longer than the females but since I only have two I have not had much luck with it myself. I think I might have two males.

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