Mountainous Predator Concerns

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by TahoeChef, Mar 17, 2016.

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    Mar 17, 2016
    Hi All!
    I am new to this forum, possibly this topic has been discussed...I believe I know the answer, but hoping that someone has some first hand experience that could tell me otherwise...
    I have been dreaming for years to start a small flock at my home in Lake Tahoe. My yard is unfenced, and backs up to hundreds of acres of forest. I often see bears and coyotes strolling around my neighborhood. I also have two dogs (one being 20 lbs) whom we dont typically use leashes with because they are (somewhat)well trained. They are rarely left alone outside, but are free to roam while we are out there.
    My concern in starting this is the possibility of drawing more predators to my yard, and putting my dogs, as well as chickens, in danger.
    I am assuming that the answer is Yes, it will draw more predators, and No, I shouldn't do this because it would put my dogs in danger...
    Does anyone have any imput?!?!
    Many Thanks!!!
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    Well, my living situation is very similar to yours...except we are in Washington. Our property also backs to 100's of acres of forest land. We have every predator known to chickens around here! I had never seen any UNTIL we got chickens. (We have a 30 pound dog that roams our property off leash). Last week for the first time ever there was a BOBCAT within 50 feet of our house! I'm sure it's because of the chickens. Anyway, most of these type predators are scared off by a barking dog. Coop your chickens securely at night and don't let the thought of predators deter you from the JOY of chicken owning! We have had our girls from chicks, they are now 6 months old, free range during the day, and we haven't lost one.
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    Bears will be attracted to the chicken feed.
    Coyotes attracted to the birds themselves.
    ...and you'll likely attract other predators that you've not seen before.

    I would suggest HOT wire to surround your chicken endeavor.

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