Mouse smell?

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    Jan 27, 2008
    An admin at work has a weak moment and bought her daughter a pet mouse. "Lightening" escaped from the cage. She is going to catch him in something and give him to me (since I will either keep him or give him to someone that would keep him, not make him snake food), along with his cage and other accessories.

    She and her kids keep complaining about the smell. They know he isn't dead, they've seen him just can't catch him bare handed.

    My question, how much do male mice smell? Is it a musk sort of thing? Or is it possible that since he was bought through a pet store he has something wrong with him to cause that odor?
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    We have two female mice and they smell. Its there urine that smells. We have to change there cage oftern or it gets really bad. We were told by the pet store that the males smell worse, but I have to say they are so fun to watch and ours have become pretty friendly. My son loves his mice [​IMG]
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    We have two female mice we keep in our apartment. My friend got them from the lab here at school and they are still pretty young. Both are fairly friendly though, and we handle them quite a bit. They can have somewhat of a smell. It's not too strong if you clean the cage often, but it is noticeable. My room mates keep the mice in their room, so I don't smell them at all really. Every once in awhile I will go into their room and get a whiff of mice smell! LOL
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    Jul 18, 2008
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    What mr mouse is doing is leaving a urine trail. Rats and mice do this. THey littearlly leave pee trails for them to follow and retrace their steps. Him being a male and having full run of thier house is making the smell very noticable. In a cage or tank, cleaned weekly you will barely notice the smell. It reminds me of peanuts mixed with rotten veggies! LOL!

    by the way if your friend wants to clean up the smell, tell her to get a black light, she can turn the lights off and walk around with teh black light and find his pee trails to clean them up.
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    Nov 4, 2008
    Male mice smell very strong, some say it smells like raw shrimp, some boys smell stronger than others, all my boys are stinky [​IMG] females can be strong, but not as strong, but if the cage is left uncleaned, it can get smelly.

    in terms of catching him, tell your friendly to get one of the small hav-a-heart traps,the ones designed for mice and rats, and load the trigger up with peanut butter, works 99.9% of the time, less you get them really smart mice [​IMG]

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