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6 Years
Dec 30, 2013
Hey Folks! I have recently moved from Northern Arizona to Southern Arizona. (Three Points) I am Mom to 2 geese, 1 duck (looking for another, her friend passed), and 12 assorted chickens. Totally different climate so am looking for suggestions on keeping them cool in the hot summer weather. I am also looking for 3-4 adult hens, and 1 adult duck to add to my family. My little flock is aging, and I need to add some younger members. :) They are friends, and not food except for their eggs, free range and happy girls. I also am looking for a Rooster, Bart passed away earlier this month and we all miss him. Thanks for any help you all can offer and I look forward to talking with you all around the forum!
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Hello :frow and Welcome To BYC! You might try posting in your state thread to see if anyone local has chickens and duck like what you are looking, also a good place to get tips on dealing with the local weather. You can also post Want ads in the BYC Buy Sell Trade forum after you have so posts... there are forums for rehoming animals (lots of roosters) as well as various age chickens etc. Good luck in your search! There are also some nice threads on keeping chickens cool in the hot weather if you want to do a search, ie

Welcome to BYC!

Ah...Three Points...I know exactly where you are at!! My mom used to live just south of there. The Three Points Store was always the best place for the goodies!

You may want to consider sand to keep your birds cool. Sand works really well here in the desert as you can hose it down in the summer and the evaporative effects really cools the surface of the sand and keeps the birds feet really cool. I use sand everywhere...coops, runs and even the nest boxes! Sand is easy to clean, no poop smells, keeps the flies away, soft on the pads, cool in the summer and the natural stuff contains tiny gizzard stones. And you can use arroyo or wash sand! That is what I use. Just drive south of you a bit to some open land and look around for a good vain of sand. You can tell it is good sand when you wet it, and give it a squeeze, it won't clump like dirt. I dig mine out of a nearby wash too. If it is really rocky, I sift it thru a 1/4 or 1/2 inch hardware cloth screen I made just for the occasion. You will want to keep the run in the shade so the sand does't get hot. I hose mine down twice a day and I am serious when I say that the birds feet are actually cool! (hot birds have hot feet, cool feet mean cool birds.)

Here is a link to sand if you want to do some reading....

Good luck with your new adventure! Definitely follow the links that Kelsie has provided for more tips. Welcome to our flock!

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