Moving 6 week old chicks


5 Years
Mar 27, 2015
New Mexico
Hey guys haven't posted in a while. Well all the chicks I've raised in the last 2 years have been from my broody Brahmas (which were raised by momma Callie and Catie) and some meat birds last fall. So I hadn't had much interaction in the raising process. I've decided to let my Brahmas retire and just relax since the heat in the summer is horrible for them. This year I bought some Naked Neck chicks, Easter Eggers chicks (mutt chicks) and supposed to be Black Copper Maran chicks. They'll be 6 weeks old Wednesday. They've all been out of the brooder for a couple weeks and completely acclimated to our crazy spring NM weather. I've had them in a pen with my meatbird chicks since moving them out of the brooder. So heres the questions. When can I move the chicks I'll be keeping for eggs into the main coop with the Brahmas? Also I've found an infestation of Lice on my poor Brahmas. Did a ton of research and treated them on Saturday doing a neem oil/dish soap/ water soak to kill these nasty little buggers. Cleaned the coop well then sprayed all the nooks and crannies with neem oil and of course the perches. I don't have a lot of wood in the coop except the front wall, and perches. The rest is metal fence panels and tarps. I have a hoop coop. After the neem oil dried I did a liberal application of DE new bedding and more DE over that. I put DE in all of their dust bath spots, and cleaned their nest boxes and applied neem oil, DE and new bedding there too. Will the neem oil affect the chicks if I move them to the coop soon? Also I feed my Brahmas Nutrena All Flock 18% pellets. Can my keeper chicks start eating this? They're on an 18% chick grower/finisher now since they're housed with my meat bird chicks. The chicks my Brahmas raised ate the same as the adults from day one. All the chicks are in a big fenced in area to grow out, and get bigger before they get moved either to freezer camp, or the coop. There's about 20 feet between where the coop and yard is and where the chicks are. My ducks like to hang out by the chicks for their noon "siesta". A few of my Brahma hens will even hang out close by. So all of them have been in contact or sight for almost 2 weeks. Should I do a preventative application of neem oil to the chicks before I move them? I already have a follow up application on my calender for my Brahmas. These yucky buggers gotta go. Preferably before the youngsters are exposed.

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