Moving a Broody Hen

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    May 17, 2013
    Has anyone moved a broody hen and the cutch of eggs she is sitting on? My problem is I have a 10 box nesting box with the bottom about 4 inches off the flloor of the coop. Currently I have 5 broody hens sitting. This evening I found two chicks, one peeping around the coop floor and the other in one of the boxes. Tonight when I went to shut the run I found two hens occupying the same box and one clutch of eggs vacant. I guess they get confused when they return. Well any how I found both chicks and had to place them with the pair of broody hens. I plan tomorrow to make a little space in the coop for a brooder.

    My problem is the hens get up and don't return to the right nesting box. I am thinking maybe I could move them to a separate area of the coop closer to the ground. What has been done in the past?

    Thank you for your thoughts!

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    I've moved 2 hens into a crate, the first one did great but the second refused to sit on her eggs. I had to move the eggs and hen back into the coop again. You can move a hen with the chicks into another area and have the other hen remain with all of the eggs and as the eggs hatch move the chicks with the other hen until the hen sitting on the eggs is done hatching and then give her some chicks too.

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