moving a broody?

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    I have a young first time OEGB pullet that is broody (she's only 6 months old). Today is Day 10 that she has been sitting on the nest, hogging everyone's favorite box. Hubby and I left marked eggs under her and have been removing any new ones daily. We will be candling tonight if it isnt raining.

    My question is... Do I have to seperate her from the rest of the flock? I know it is recommended, BUT she is the head hen... the boss... the Alpha... even the Roo backs down from her. The last time I had a broody, I seperated her from the flock and was never able to reintroduce her, but she was lowest in the pecking order so I dont know if that makes a difference.

    I was thinking about putting the current broody in a dog cage with her nest a few days before she's due to hatch, but keep it in the coop. If I put chicken wire around the cage, any chicks that hatch would be confined in the cage where they are safe with Momma until she decides she is done with the hatch. Then after a few days, take the cage out and let Momma get back to normal with the rest of the flock, hopefully protecting the babies. Would this work? Or would I have to move Momma for the whole time she has the chicks, or take the chicks from her?

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