Moving a duck nest to safer quarters?


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Oct 27, 2011
We just purchased some Khaki Campbells who are very good brooders according to the previous owner. She said that she pulled one off of a nest the day before we picked them up. So they are in our backyard (1 drake, 2 hens, 1 youngster) and play in the pond, etc and at night we have them in a fenced in area currently separate from the chicken paddock. They started a nest and have now deposited 7 eggs into the nest which is on the edge of what is left of the raspberry bushes. We are in Oregon so really the weather is not incredibly cold just rainy. We would love for her to hatch her ducklings but the problem is that we need to put them in the paddock with the chickens so they are more protected and they have a bigger indoor area. Can we successfully move her nest and her still find it and sit on it? There are 2 hens working together on this and we really don't want to crate them. Is it better to move them now before they decide to sit? Will they find the eggs in the new paddock or do we need to "show" her where her pile is? We have had broody chickens before just not ducks so we are not really sure on their behavior when they start this process.

Any info would be great! Thanks!


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Sep 7, 2009
Florida - Space Coast
moving a nest is risky if a duck is indeed broody. HOWEVER leaving the duck to sit and brood outside with no predator protection is worse. Best to provide good secure safe housing first then worry about letting the duck brood eggs.

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