Moving a nest? And reclaiming a chicken from another flock?


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Apr 3, 2013
I'll start from the beginning. I got some chicks as an Easter gift. I raised them they did great until about two weeks ago when the dog got out and massacred 3 of the neighbors chickens, my ducks and all of my flock but 2 hens. I assumed one of my hens was dead and that I just never found her body but a few days later I found her towards the woods in high grass sitting on 14 eggs! My other hen has joined the neighbors flock ( I think her rooster rounded her up ) I didnt want to disturb the nest so I let it be.. And yesterday 6 of the 14 eggs hatched. So my questions are :

Should I move the chicks, eggs and mama in the coop now or wait for the rest to hatch?
How long should I give the remaining eggs to hatch before I discard them?
Should I try to reclaim my Hen who has moved next door ?
Will she rejoin my flock or will she just keep going next door?
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Well I went ahead an moved the mama and the babies into the coop. She isnt sitting on the eggs now but hopefully she will scoot them under her soon. She seems fairly happy in the coop. At least now i know nothing is going to eat her and the chicks.

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