Moving a rooster between flocks

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13 Years
Mar 1, 2010
South Carolina
I recently acquired a new-to-me flock of four, and merged them with my existing five. Total now is 3 BR, 3 BO and 3EE. Two of my BRs are pure evil. They are about to be separated from the rest in a connected, but separate run/coop. I think I'll put the 3rd BR in with them, as they seem to tolerate 'their own kind' better than others - LOL!

I've been thinking lately of getting a roo. Thinking he may be too much (1 roo to only 3 hens) if I put him in with the 3 BR, what would happen if I moved him between the two flocks periodically to give the hens a break? Anyone ever done this? The runs will be separated only by wire, everyone will be able to see one another except when they're inside the coops.

Also, if this were to work, what would be a good rooster? A rock would be nice in with 3 BR hens, but I read where they don't go broody that often. (Chicks would be neat.....for the kids, and me :) ) Maybe an EE roo? I read that they are usually pretty sweet guys.....


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That's a great idea! I have a controlled breeding program with two roosters currently and rotate trios of hens during breeding. I like to keep cockerals in their own pen until they have matured a bit before breeding, usually over a year. My two best roos were an EE and a red Cornish. My EE has gone to a new home with a flock of young hens. For the future I've selected one Welsumer roo, and narrowed down three dark cornish cockerals and three EE cockeral offspring from my favorite. I have hatched some great offspring from my EE roo and BO, EE hens.
Thanks for the reply - thats good to hear! (I'm talking with someone now on CL about a pretty EE roo) What did your EE roo and BO hens hatch out? EE chicks or just a brown egg laying cross? (curious)


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