Moving Chickens - 3 day trip, help?


9 Years
Apr 29, 2010
Washington, NC
I have searched around before I posted this, and all the posts were like "yeah!, you can move them easy!" but... they were all 1 day trips...

We are (more than likely) moving from the east coast of NC, very near the water, to Colorado Springs area. thats a good 3 day trip without livestock in tow.

We have a flock of 22 chickens, and 2 ducks. thats a lot.. not to mention 4 cats, a dog and a cockatiel.

I have a truck, but no campershell on it. if I caged them up in the bed, they would get blown around and pretty hot on the trip with no cover.

I don't want to leave them.. they all have names and are part of the family. but I can't think of a safe way to transport them.. Are there any livestock transports that are reasonably priced and nice to their cargo?
I dont think you have to worry about them really getting to hot but I would worry about the draft that is created in the bed of the truck. You might end the trip with a bunch of sick chickens by the time you arrive. You might consider purchasing or building a dog box (like hunters use). They have doors for fresh are but protect against the wind. I would put fresh fruit/veg in with them so they can stay hydrated. Use things with high water content watermelon, lettuce(no nutritional value to speak of but very high in water), apples, oranges etc. Then you want have to stop every couple of hours to water. You can feed and give water if you stop eat or take a small.

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