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    Finally, the henhaus is ready, and it's time to move the hens in. Trick is, the hens are currently living on my screened in porch, so somehow I have to get them all from the porch, through the living room, and out to the henhaus (maybe fifty yards total, plus three doors [into and out of our house, and into their haus]). There are six hens and one rooster. I've got one person to help me. Any thoughts on the best way to do this?

    I figured after dark, so they're sleepy and we can catch them. I don't know if we should try to put two at a time into a box or something, or carry each one out separately, or in any particular order that might make it easier (rooster first?). Any advice would be much appreciated!
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    I would definitely do it after dark. For that number, one under each arm like a football might be the simplest. A box or laundry basket or the like would work -- unless someone woke up and decided to leave! A large cardboard box that you can close would be perfect, with a few air holes cut in it. We use an ancient dog crate -- handy if you happen to have one.

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