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    Feb 27, 2014

    I am thinking about getting some chickens and so am doing my research. I am wondering if it is reasonable considering our lifestyle. We have a summer cottage and are away often. I am not opposed to having two coops (one there, one here) but is it reasonable to load them up and move them every four days for the summer? I am only considering 4 birds. I have learned already today (from this web site :) ) that there are calmer birds so would assume this is a high priority in choosing a breed.

    Being very new to this I am wondering if it is even practical. I am thinking a dog transport kennel would work for the 1 hour drive. Would it be too much stress for them? Would they get used to it? Would it mess up the egg laying? Or are there feeders where they can be left alone for that long without daily maintenance? This is only for 2 months of the year. Otherwise, we are around here most of the time.

    I might be able to get a neighbour to check on them once a day but doubt he would be thrilled about doing much with them ie feeding.

    So what do you think?

    This site looks well done and a lot of fun. The only reason that my wife has given the green light to chickens is if I can build a "cute" coop that she has found a few photos of.....;-) That will be the first task....


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    I just read of someone who lives way up north in the summer and takes the chickens with them every winter to their florida coop.

    Also, i don't think a one hour trip sounds stressful. However, when I have transported poultry in dog crates I tend to be amazed how they can get poop to leave the mostly solid plastic dog crate. I now only transport with a tarp under the crate.

    As to leaving them for 4 days.......

    If you have a very secure set up, it can be done. There are those that strongly believe in Murphy's law. So, the second you leave them the gravity fed feeder will clog and give them no feed, or the large waterer will spring a leak and they will have no water. This is why some one to stop by just once a day, even if the only job was to make sure that the feeder was still dispensing feed and the waterer still had water would keep Mr. Murphy at bay. (Actually, he was a Major Murphy... Whatever.)
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    I move my whole flock 400 miles in the Fall and then again in the Spring. I made multi-box boxes and put them in there, then into a trailer. They will stop laying for a day or two but otherwise do well. This is a one day trip. As for leaving them for 4 or 5 days. I would not unless you have someone to come by and check their water and feed. Mine have a habit of messing up one or the other. I have 20 total hens and one roo.

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