Moving chicks out? Almost 4 weeks old.


9 Years
Jan 11, 2013
North Eastern, Ky
I'm thinking of moving my chicks outside to our carport, I can safely put them out there so no animals could get to them but wondering if it's to soon? I love them to death but all this dust and smell is just becoming to much for us. I do clean out and dust the room but I'm personally ready for them to go out. However, if they NEED to stay in then I would keep them in. Some are about 50% feathered and some are 90%! I have a 250 watt lamp and their are 13 of them to huddle together.
It's going to get in the 30's tonight, and during the day it will be 60's.

I know their are differing opinions on this, but if you wouldn't do this, specific reasons why?
I would be cautious about putting 4 week olds in below-freezing weather, even with a lamp on. My number one fear is piling up (this has happened to me a lot in raising up batches in the cold barn). They can literally squish each other to death if they get too cold. If it were me, I would ease them into cooler temps. Are they off the heat lamp in your house? If you have a porch or a cool spot in your house, you can begin to get them used to cooler temps and then, at 5 weeks old, they should be prepared for a dip down to freezing--but then again, please be careful at that age of the temp getting much lower than freezing.

You're right that people do it all kinds of ways. Good luck!
Thank you...Right now they really try and stay away from the heat lamp and only sometimes will I see certain chicks be under the lamp mostly they pile up on the other side without the lamp. I'm nervous but I'm dusting every few days and cleaning daily to keep the dust and smell down. It isn't so much of me who cares but mainly my S.O. when he gets off from work he says it hits him when he walks through the door. I have used the pine pellets and now using sand, some are just more sensitive then others I suppose. He isn't upset about it, but I don't want anyone to be uncomfortable in there own home! I can smell it too, but I'm not as sensitive to animal smells honestly. We keep the door closed to the bedroom that they are in at all times as well to help keep the dust and smell from coming out into our home. Those of you who keep yours in a living room or your own bedroom lol How do you do it?! More power to you for being able too!!

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