moving eggs to a new box


8 Years
May 29, 2011
we have two hens brooding in one box sharing the same clutch. that particular box is the favorite laying spot for the rest of the hens. will it freak out the brooders if we move the eggs to another box? this is there first brood, and i didn't see anything in the posts i checked. thanks in advance for any ideas.
I'd suggest setting up another nest box. Set it a good distance away from the broody nests. You might need to put a golf ball or two to get the other hens started using that nest.
Broodies can be hard to move. I had one who abandoned her nest entirely when I tried it, and they never like it. If you do it at night and move her to a small pen where she can't get back to the old nest, she might accept the move. If possible, move the nest box and the nesting material as well.

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