Moving flock to new home...cooping for how long?


10 Years
May 19, 2009
We finally found a house to rent that's on 3 acres in the country, so my landlord has no problems with us having chickens

My question is, how long should I keep my chicks in their coop and run once we get them moved before letting them out to free range? The coop and run are the same ones they've been using for a month now, so that will be familiar, and they put themselves up at night here. However, will they be okay in "strange" territory or should I keep them locked in their coop and run for a while? If so, how long?
I would say at least a week, just to make sure that they know where home is and can get settled! good luck
I'm loving the fact that we're finally moving back to the country, but am nervous about the increased number of predators we'll probably have to deal with - I'm very protective of my feathered children

However, my DH and DS were super excited yesterday to find a deer hoof print in the back yard of the new house
Aw that is so great to be so close to nature! Seeing deers is really a treat, especially the babies! I worry about predators too, but I think as long as they go in at night and you lock them up they will be pretty safe! Congrats on the new house!

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