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    So I have 2 seep rate flocks. 1 flock of 6 is 1 1/2 years old the other flock is 5 months old. They have been separated but not next to each other. I built a new coop and run and I'm wondering if they r all going to the new coop do I still have to separate them or can I put them all in together. Where as there won't have been any pecking order yet. It is a new coop for all of them. It is 16x8 and the run is also 16x8.
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    You could being new to all takes away the 'home territory' aspect that is central to integration woes.
    I'd put them all in on roosts at night after dark, then be there at first light to observe and let them out into run for more space.
    But I'd be ready to separate them pronto if things get too ugly.
    Multiple roosts, feed/water stations, places to hide in both coop and run will help immensely.
    The more diversions in the environments, the better

    That's a nice big coop, how many birds in the younger group?
    Got pics of inside coop and run?

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