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    Nov 27, 2012
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    Welllll....I've never had turkeys....but the chickens freak out at new things, loud things, just about everything.

    The lawn mower...OMG I thought they were going to kill themselves flying against the run the first time it came near.
    But after they realized fresh cut greens come in the run when the mower goes by, they all run up to the run wall when they hear it.

    Metal work can be loud, and nail shots, yeah....not sure if putting them in the run would be enough,
    and might have to acclimate them to the new place...and then the noises for a few days before you could go back at it full bore.

    Not much help, sorry, have to be your judgement call.
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    Jul 16, 2015
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    Mine absolutely love the sound of construction, they get excited, and vocalize a lot. Sometimes the toms start fighting and hens start displaying.
  3. Mini Meat

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    I guess I"ll wait and see how long and how loud the build on the Turkey coop is. I'll have better info to decide then.

    That's funny... not what I would have expected. It does make me hopeful.

    I do hear my Turkeys talking in the trailer while I'm working but since I can't see in I don't know if they are distressed or not.
  4. aart

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    Nov 27, 2012
    SW Michigan
    My Coop
    How far away is the they have a run off trailer?
  5. Mini Meat

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    The trailer is about 30 feet away.

    It does not have a run, I only use it to quarantine. I don't want the birds to be able to get nose to nose until I'm sure they are healthy. The turkeys are about 10 days past quarantine.
  6. Mini Meat

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    So today my daughter and I ran a few errands and picked up the materials for the pop door wall.

    When we got back we proceeded to remove the bottom row of tin from the pop door side. Let me tell you I don't know what kind of glue the installers used but they sure didn't skimp on quantity or quality. We got the tin flopped over but still attached at the bottom. We tried a razor blade box cutter, it did nothing so we broke out the saws-all to cut through the glue, which it did... but the friction heated the glue and semi reattached itself. In the end we had to slip a splitting maul between the tin and the frame and take turns slowly tapping it along to pry the tin away from the frame...FOR 34 FEET.

    But... Success


    We got the first of the pop door frames partially build


    They will be like this but with the horizontals in place a foot from the concrete to attach the wire and the wood border.

    That was as far as we got because my 2 year old granddaughter ran out of patience so we had to call it quits.

    The hard part is done and it's forward from here.
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    Sep 23, 2009
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    Congratulations on your progress! [​IMG] It's looking good. Thanks for posting photos.
  8. CanadianBuckeye

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    Mar 27, 2015
    Cadmus, Ontario Canada
    Amazing, it's so rare these days to find quality workmanship. Of course, it has to be where you want it removed [​IMG]
    Whatever you do don't toss that tin! You might need it for roofing.........
  9. Mini Meat

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    Thank you, I am enjoying sharing the progress.
    I know right...
    We worked very hard to get that tin out undamaged and already have a few ideas on where to ruse it. No way am I tossing it .
  10. Birdydeb

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    Loving reading this. So inspiring. Thanks for sharing the pics and your progress! I will be cheering you on. I have to say though I am rather envious of you having that huge building to work with. But not envious of all the work to make it the way you want. :)
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