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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by OwensDad, Mar 29, 2016.

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    So our 11 chicks are about 8 weeks old now and quickly outgrowing their brooder, we plan on moving the to the coop/run within the next week. I read on here they should be denied access to the run for the first couple after moving to the coop? Is this accurate and also any other advice on transitioning them over. They will be the only birds in the new coop/run.
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    Birds hate change. New things scare them. So people usually start the chickens closed up in the coop where they can become comfortable learn their home, then they open the run and let the chickens slowly ease themselves out.
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    Yep! Coop them up with food and water and maybe a night light for a few nights until they learn all the nooks and crannies and become comfortable in their new digs.

    The reason for supplying a little bit of light at night is because chicks are terribly upset if they are in a strange place and can't see where they are. This is just to get them through the transition.

    Opening up the coop so they can explore the run may present a new issue - learning to go back inside at night. You may need to teach them to go in. This is where having the night light is a big help. You can remove the light once the chicks are going into the coop on their own.

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