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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by scanaday, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. scanaday

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    Oct 3, 2010
    We may be facing a transcontinental move (Alabama to Oregon) is it possible to take the chickens with us? Has anyone done this? How? The move would probably take place in January, just to complicate things further, and we have other pets too, two guinea pigs, a cat, a rabbit, and a dog. I'm pretty confident about taking them with us, we can take some in the car with us, and some can be shipped, but I have NO IDEA where to even start when I think about moving chickens. My daughter is pretty attached to them, so I really do not want to leave them here, if we can help it. But I don't want to spend a wad moving them either.
  2. sharol

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    Jun 13, 2010
    Admire, KS
    How many chickens? Are you moving to a place that allows chickens?

    I wouldn't want to leave mine behind either. Good luck.
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    Don't ship adult birds. The post office will do it - but they do not allow any food or water in the crate at all! Adult birds cannot go that long w/o water. Baby chicks still have a yolk sack so they can go a couple of days w/o issue but an adult bird will have a much harder time making the trip. You could overnight express them - but will someone be there to pick them up? It gets very expensive if you over night more than 1 or 2 birds - consiser new chickens only cost about $5 unless they are really expensive show birds.

    It would be best if you could cage them & toss them in the moving truck. Then at least you could stop & give them water along the way (assuming you are doing the driving).

    If it were me - I would sell 'em & start fresh - there is really only 1 of our chickens we are attached to - Russell the rooster. Silly thing comes when he's called & is really nice.

    Anyway - that is a long trip - If you do move them - keep them close so you can give food & water.
  4. Savannah Poultry

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    Mar 29, 2010
    Lakeview, OR
    I would want to keep mine for sure! I agree it would be easiest to put them in cages. But are you flying? Where in oregon are you moving?
  5. HorseFeatherz NV

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    We have moved cross country (or close) and we take ALL of our "family" with us - horses, dogs, parrots, ducks, geese and chickens.

    Get a couple plastic dog crates/kennels (look on craigslist for inexpensive used ones), put lots of shavings on the floor of the crate to absorb poop/liquid and stir when stopping. You can also use sandwich bags over your hand to "pick" clumps of poo out of the shavings and then just throw away at the gas station.

    The birds will not mind being "squished" for a couple days - give them enough room in the crate to stand and move just a bit (they will spend MOST of the time laying down when the vehicle is moving). Crate the ones who are friends together. Offer feed and water when you stop to gas up, or get something for yourself.

    Do not stress over the move with the birds, they will adjust easily knowing you are still part of their flock.

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