Moving long distance and storage? Questions/advice?


9 Years
Mar 8, 2010
I will be moving in the next year or so. My one big question is should I start buying things to furnish my new place now or wait till I move. I will be moving out of state and currently live with family.
So if I see a great deal on furniture should I buy it and move with it or should I just wait till I move and save on moving costs?
Am I making sense?
Would it be better to save the money by purchasing a great deal now and not having to find stuff once I move or save money on moving and hope to find stuff once I move?
Hope someone understands what I am trying to say...this is random ramblings after all
Wait until you move! You don't know exactly what you'll need or what will suit the new place until you get there. If you buy a load of stuff now moving will be a million times more difficult and then you could find what you've bought is all wrong. You'll be surprised how little you can go with until you get established - boxes will be fine as tables and chairs until you decide what to get
There are always deals on furniture, anyway. 'Saving money' by buying it earlier might mean you find it's wasted when you get there.
Wait, pleasse. Mover always break stuff. Also never let them pack you on a friday or let them unload you either. THey are only thinking about the weekend, getting drunk..... as a Army wife i moved plenty times.
I would wait. You could start looking at sales and deals in the area you are moving into now to get and idea of what you like and what you might want for your new place and then if these places still have the deals when you move you will already know what you want plus already be moved and can just go pick it up without alot of searching around last minute once you get there.
Best to wait! We moved ALOT and the less stuff we have, the better it gets to move into the new place and you can envision what kind of furniture you need for the new place.

If you can, you can sell off the furniture if you KNOW you will need a different kind of furniture or something NEW. Less stuff to take with you!

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