Moving mom to new enclosure with eggs?


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Nov 19, 2015
Lake Cowichan, BC
I need advice! I let a Muscovy sit on her eggs by accident but figured yay for babies! 15 eggs of 19 are growing and it's about half way through and I am very exited! My only problem is I am thinking I need to move mom and eggs to the baby den. There is a problem with how high the nest is and I cannot build a ramp to the floor as it is way too high off the ground. I am wondering if I can move mom and eggs with the nesting carefully to the baby area without risking her abandoning the eggs? I really have no idea if I can or not. Please help!

Pork Pie

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Jan 30, 2015
Would it be possible to make the nest a little more secure (to stop the ducklings from falling out) and leave it where it is? I don't know how well chicken practices transfer to ducks but I let my hen brood in elevated nests and bring them all to ground level on the day they hatch. Sorry to all you duck experts if this suggestion is way off the mark.

Good luck but I'd wait for a response from the duck peeps before deciding.


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