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    Okay, I know I have a million questions about my nesting ducks
    There are three nests going, two have ducks setting on them, one has a banty setting on duck eggs, and one of the ducks has a banty partner. They are muscovy ducks

    The nest boxes are two high, and the bottom boxes are they ones that they are using. Since my hubby built theminto the coop, they do not have a 2nd floor, the floor of the coop is the floorof the nest box-- that was something we will not redo in the future we already learned-- anyway-
    the birds are free range, but get cooped up at night, the ducks and the chickens share the same coop
    I have a drake, but no rooster
    I told my husband I was worried about the other birds killing the babies, so he built me a rat proof- basically a solid box- nursury - that I would set up in an X pen for the hens to raise the babies in till they were old enough to join the flock

    so... my question....

    should I risk moving the nests and the broody birds into this nursury box my hubby made now- one started setting on the 13th, the other two nests started in the last week... or should I wait till they hatch and then move them... or should I stop worrying and maybe the ducklings will be fine with their mommies in with the flock from the get go?
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    Sorry, I don't have an answer, only the same question. My broody is sitting on a dozen eggs in her nest box that is about 3 1/2 ft off the ground. I want to move her to the floor of the coop so that the baby chicks don't fall out when they hatch but I'm not sure if moving her will cause her to abandon the eggs. We are on day 15. My other option is to enclose the nest box and shelve it sits on with chicken wire and just use that as their brooder. Has anyone had success moving a broody and her eggs from one nest to another?

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