Moving New Chicks with older flock


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Apr 26, 2017
I have 7 chicks just over 2mths of age.... I also have 12 chickens 1 year old... when is it ok to leave them all in the coop together? I've been slowly introducing them all over the past month but I need to find a bigger area for my new chicks since they're out growing my setup now....


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Introduce them slowly by providing a safe area for the chicks to observe the flock dynamics for several days without being bothered by the adult birds.This gives the adults an opportunity to get used to the chicks as newcomers, and the chicks will get time to observe and learn the different temperaments of the adults. This gives them a leg up on whom to run from and whom to ignore.

Before you let the two age groups mingle, make certain they have lots of high perches to escape to in the run, and a place to eat in peace so they aren't bullied while trying to get enough to eat. I find an old camp table is ideal for the chicks to jump onto and eat and even loaf in peace. Let the chicks out of their safe pen at increasing intervals until you know they are handling the adults okay. They will integrate very quickly, you'll be surprised to find.

After several days of spending days in run and sleeping indoors at night, you may then move them into the coop. I like to conduct this move after the older layers have finished their business for the day, but still early enough so the chicks are able to explore their new accommodations. I close off the coop while the chicks settle in, opening it for roosting only at the final few minutes before dark.

You may find you need to teach the chicks to go into the coop when night comes. Just show them how to go through the pop hole for a few nights, and they'll get it. A nightlight in the coop for a few nights helps with this training

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