Moving out of state to cooler weather.

sandy sea

15 Years
Mar 19, 2008
Rogersville MO
Moving from CA to Springfield Missouri cold weather. Any advice about moving chickens ducks and my horses? I am a little worried about moving the horse anyone moved their horse in the winter? Moving January. advice please. Should I try to rehome the horses or move them? Thanks
I don't have experience in moving animals however your ducks will be fine. I live in Missouri and have had no issues with the cold bothering my ducks. As long as they are full grown and have a coop that is not drafty they will do alright.
I moved my horses from the deep south to the snowy north. They did great. Even out in pasture 24/7 I bought waterproof blankets to help keep them warm(just the light ones) and unlimited grass hay and of course a type of shelter. Also take into consideration age of the horse. Make sure your vet okays them if they are older to handle a long trip.
Much easier on horses to move in the winter months then in summer. Never hurts to have a decent waterproof winter blanket (I typically go with a 200g blanket ). Spend the money on a good one and it should last for many stormy winters. They won't have a nice fuzzy coat to keep them warm the first winter but next year they will. Keep abundant hay in front of them (@$2-3 a bale, it's painless). You will enjoy cheap limitless hay, green pastures and great trails.
I wish hay were that cheap here. It's not. Kansas and Missouri had a drought this summer. But as far as moving horses if you are attached to them and have the equipment to do so, they will do fine. If not it might be cheaper to buy new horses once you are at your new location.

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