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Jan 25, 2010
I am going to be moving from Virginia to New Orleans in August and would like to bring 3-5 of my favorite hens with me. To start with, do chickens (and cats) have to have health certificates to travel from state to state? I've heard many say, "NO, only large farm animals need health certificates". On the other hand I've also hear that each animal DOES have to have one. Does anyone know if it is necessary? I'm going to be on a very limited budget and if they don't need a health certificate then I don't want to have to go through that hassle. Plus the added issue that none of the vets around here seem to work with chickens.

Second - I was also wondering how much stress can a chicken handle when traveling? They will most likely be transported in a small rabbit cage in my stock trailer along with my horse. How heat resistant are they when traveling and how many days can they stay in the rabbit cage? Since I will most likely be transporting my horse in the same trailer, the trip may take upwards to 3 days. Should I put a perch in the cage or just have them directly on the floor?

Thanks for all your help!!!

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My ducks and geese travel very well. They just settle down and mostly sleep.

In August in that part of the country, you'd better have some excellent ventilation in the chicken cages.

3 days to get from Virginia to New Orleans? Wow. You are one slow poke driver. When traveling with horses, my horses ride 10-12 hours a day. They stay inside the trailer at rest stops and get watered in the trailer.

You will have to contact the state government and ask what they want as far as health papers. I'm betting you will need rabies certificate for the cat and probably a Coggins test for the horse. You can probably find the requirements on-line by just googling.

It's possible that NPIP papers for the chickens will get you anywhere you want to go, and depending upon how your state runs the program, it would probably be cheaper than a vet exam and health certificate.

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