Moving Out to the Big Girl Coop and Yard


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Sep 10, 2010
Today, my 3 girls (oh please be girls) moved out of the brooder box and into the sunshine.

The oldest, Daphne, is near 8 weeks and told me it was moving time by spending last night on the outside of the brooder rather than in. The youngest is near 6 weeks and feathered out enough I'm not too worried.

The silly chicks headed straight for their new big-girl coop instead of scratching around in the yard, but I'm sure they'll get the hang of freedom (or approximate freedom) very soon. Io - with her little club foot - is a little teetery on the roost, so I think I'll build her a wider shelf than the 3" roost that is there now.

Think they are ready to sleep in the new coop tonight, or should they sleep in the familiar and safe brooder a few more nights while they get the hang of outside and sunshine?


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Apr 10, 2009
NW Indiana
If they are anything like my 6wk old alleged girls (yup =- hoping for pullets) they will be fine.

Mine have lived inside the Big Coop alongside the fullgrown hens in their own mini-coop since they were 3 days old.

The last 3 nights they have roosted right alongside the Big Girls and so far noone has died or even been damaged.

Our nighttime temps have gone down to the 40s but I am leaving the door to the fenced run open at night (there's a screened door behind it just in case) and the window about 3/4 closed for ventilation.

So Far So Good
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Jul 21, 2010
Apache Junction, Arizona
I'm sure they will be just fine and probably would be mad if they had to come back inside after experiencing the "outdoor life of a chicken". Mine have been outside in the coop and run for 4 weeks now and they really have a ball running, chasing and flapping around. The day they turned 6 weeks they went into the coop all by themselves and went to sleep. I had been having to put them up every night up until that time. Soooo...... just let your chickens be chickens and they will love you for it.

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