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    i have 3 buff orbingtons that are 10 weeks old. Would it be ok to move them out to my coop with the other chickens and take a way the chick feed and let them eat the feed that the other chickens eat. if not how old sould they be before the move out of the house and in to the coop with the other chickens.

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    They are a bit too young for layer rations yet. They will probably also get picked on by full grown birds, which is quite stressful. I usually try to wait until 16 weeks.

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    Hello there! First off, after 6 weeks they should be eating grow mash, ot just chick start, until they lay their first egg, then they can go to lay mash. Grow mash will not hurt the older chickens, but the babies need it. We have experimenting every weekend with our chicks - 6 weeks old, and they are not getting picked on, but are not mature enough to find their way back otheir own space yet. We try every Sunday to see what happens, but they are not ready. I am so thankful that they are not being picked on! In fact my BO wants to be their mother.

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