moving to Creston, Ca. -- need predator proofing ideas

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by sparklechicken, Jun 7, 2011.

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    Dec 8, 2010
    Creston, Ca
    I've always had backyard chickens in a house with a fenced backyard. However, I'm moving to a rural 15-acre spot in Creston, California and I'm sure there are bobcats, cougars, and other big creepy crawlies out there. I have an eglu CUBE with an extended, dig-proof run and I've never had any problems on my residential street. But this new place is so far out that we can't even get mail delivered! I'm really worried something might happen to by girls, so does anyone have any experience with the Creston area or the eglu cube in a rural environment? I'm just worried I'm setting myself up for tragedy, and I don't want to become mountain lion dinner myself (As you can see, I'm a bit paranoid [​IMG] ) Please help!
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    This is from another thread but I thought it was pertinent.

    Quote:I agree. I have an electric fence around my chicken yard and have heard critters, Coons, skunks, possums, coyotes, foxes, etc cry out when they have touched it. They don't come back to test it out again. My power supply is good for 15 acres.
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    Dec 8, 2010
    Creston, Ca
    I thought that might be my solution, but I thought it would be much more expensive! I there a link to a post of page explaining the process? I was looking for how to set one up and came across a post that required running 120 volts through wiring, and since I am not looking to seriously electrocute myself, are there any people/dummy-friendly ways to set one up? Thank you [​IMG]
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    Quote:Go to the gettin' store and read the package. Look into step in posts, they make a crazy easyset up. Check out YouTube "electric fence" videos. Do some research and you'll find it's quick, inexpensive, easy, non-fatal, and effective against most everything but birds. You can get a solar set up and it's even better cause it's free after the initial expense. Also if you're worried about the chickens, you can drape deer netting over it to stop them from trying to slip thru (it's plastic)

    Another thing is you don't know what you're up against. Do your move and secure the birds, lay out a sheet of plywood that is lightly covered in flour. Attach a bait in the center and check it a couple time a day. Any predator will at least investigate the bait and leave a track for you to identify, reflour as needed for time stamping the event.
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    HI! I used to live in Paso about 14 years ago- my daughter was born in San Luis! Still have alot of family out there in Atacadero. Creston is so nice since there are still so many wide open spaces. But that does lead to predators....

    Another thing that can help is to put a radio out by the coop set to a talk show- it seems to deter the coyotes around here. I also have electric fencing, but sometimes it isnt turned on and the radio is my back up. So far it works but I dont count on it all the time. Electric fencing is a very good idea and, no, it wont hurt your chickens. It just kinda zaps intruders so they tend to stay away. But one thing I have learned, make sure it is tall enough or experienced predators will jump over it, and so will your chickens if it is your only fencing. We have fencing and then put the electric fencing up too.

    The flour on a bait board sounds like a cool idea, my worry would be purposely attracting predators and letting them know chickens are there sooner than needed. If youre in Creston, you WILL have predators, if you want to know what kinds, just call your local animal control center. I do know there are possums, racoons, skunks, all sorts of vermin, hawks, and coyotes. Im not sure about wolves, I think they have been wiped out in that area, but animal control would know better than me. One thing about that area is alot of people have already used electric fencing, so many of the predators are already familiar with it and will stay away if they sense it.
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    Feb 18, 2011
    Hi, I'm in CA. We live in the mountains and have all sorts of critters. Though I live more in town my more rural neighbors have Eglus and Cubes as do I (one Go, one on the way). So, you should be fine with either a WIR or electric fencing. Check out Craigslist as you might find a good deal on electric fencing. Also, there are some great feed stores that might have a better price/package.
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    Jun 27, 2010
    I live in Paso Robles, east, out toward your area. We have fox, coyote, bobcat, mountain lion, bear, raccoon, possum. So far, I've lost a chicken (to I'm pretty sure a possum but could have been a raccoon I suppose). I've never seen signs of raccoon here but I've caught several possums in the coop. Plenty of big hawks and big, big owls. I have lost a teen hen to a hawk. I had some foxes this winter stalking my chickens and getting into my yard (about 2.5 acres) so I shored up the gaps in the fence in the back and haven't seen any since. I still worry some when I put my Doxie out to go pee at night because who knows what could be out there. We're not too far out and we're pretty well fenced but still....

    What you probably need to worry about most is coyote and fox (I'm sure). Don't be suprised to see a mountain lion sometime on your property. You will want to protect any small pets you have (or even large dogs) by keeping them in at night and having them in a secure area during the day. Coyotes will lure your dog away where it will be ambushed and eaten. Coyotes can jump up on a porch and nab your cat during the day. (The foxes I talked about were doing their stalking in broad daylight, God only knows what goes on at night.

    I have personally seen coyote, fox, bobcat and a very large mountain lion very close to our home. Every now and then some bear gets hit by a car on 101. There are also skunks and badgers. I hear coyotes howl at night quite frequently. You'll learn to recognize them by their kooky, crazy, high pitched howls. They tend to follow the arroyos or dry river and creek beds. Being so far out you should probably also consider you could wind up being part of the menu!!! Of course that could happen anywhere. I think it's a good idea to arm yourself.

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