Moving to Juvenile Coop @ 3 weeks

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by triggfamily5, Apr 6, 2012.

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    I have had such a wonderful time raising my babies this year. I ordered 26 from Estes Hatchery and they all came in great, with 3 extras (they said they added some "cause it's cold up there". Sad thing is it's been a mild winter [​IMG].

    Anyway, this year I have them on my porch with an Ecoglow50, and quart pitchers with nipples and a hanging feeder (I didn't start with that, but had to graduate to that a few days ago). I am quickly running out of room for them and need to move them to the juvenile coop outside which will give them more room; however, I heard the ecoglow is only for ambient temperatures of 50 degrees or more. Our lows at night range from 25 to 40, depending if a cold front is coming through.

    They will be 3 weeks old on Monday, do you think that the 50 degrees is still relevant for them to get the heat they need from it? I'd hate to switch them to a heat lamp out there, they love their ecoglow; and it's been nice to see them use it and not worry about raising and lowering the fire hazard lamp as temperatures swing.

    And of course... pictures for the addicts [​IMG]
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    A heat lamp on all the time for the first week out there and then just at night untill they are fully feathered is what i would do :) But you might want to keep them in the brooder for another week before moving them out if it has been getting below freezing. Anyway, good luck you have cute little chicks!

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