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Apr 21, 2009
hi there fellow chickeneeers been looking through this sight and think it is an excellent resource for all thing chick related ...i have just had my first successfull hatch of three on day 23 i was starting to get worried after having 4 previously unsucessfull attempts at incubating eggs... im finally made it ...anyhow..

the peeps are all alive /well from what i can see/ dry and verrrry chirpy lol.. my question is this it has prob been covered before but need a bit of reassurance dont want to impact the health of my little babys... weel when is the best timeto move them from bator to brooder my brooder is all set up i have it sitting at a little over 95 nearer 100 does it really matter if the temp is a few degrees over as there is plenty of room for the chicks to escape the heat if they need to..

back to point when is the best time to move them ...there is still 2 eggs to hatch..1 has pipped this morning about 6.00 not yet zipped and the other has nothing yet.. is it best to wait to mve them all at once or is it safe to move the 3 i have just now the first one hatched a little over 35 hours ago .. then second 24 hrs . not sure about third i was away when it happened... any help would be appreciated .

many thanks in advance
during my first hatch, my first baby hatched on a wednesday then 6 more thursday. i waited til friday night to put them in the brooder. i had 4 eggs left in the bator. i figured since nothing had hatched since thursday they were done, but just in case we left the 4 eggs in the bator. to our suprise 1 more hatched on sat. i was told the babies can stay in the bator up to 3 days. it seemed to work for me. good luck.
I like to put em in the brooder right away. I usually take whatever chicks are hatched out of the bator every morning. Dip their beaks in water and let em roll. The sooner the chicks get in the brooder, the sooner they can start eating, drinking and developing immunities.
Temperature is important. Chicks can get exhausted and/or pasty butt if temps aren't right.

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