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7 Years
Jul 27, 2012
Anyone move with their ducks? So far mine are fully flighted with no problems but I'm concerned about when we move. We're still in the beginning of the process and I'm not sure how long it might be but I'd like to get a plan together for them. Maybe I should clip their flight feathers for a while after we move, til they get established at the new place? If any of you have been thru this I would appreciate it if you'd share your experience. Also on a side note, if anyone knows anything about moving koi fish in the winter I'd appreciate any info on that too. Thank you!!!
I personally would clip the wings until they got the feel of the new place. How many Koi do you have and how large?
Koi, are not a type of fish easily moved. My dad bought a ton of 12inchers from a guy a few summers back and we put them in a large tub, with water they were accustomed to; it turns out that they thought it would be cool to jump out and we lost about half of them. I guess it really just depends on how far your moving.

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