MPC not shipping till JUNE!!! I want chicks now!


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I was just on a few different sites wanting to place an order and most say they are not shipping till mid June?

I want less than 20 so that limits my hatchery choices.

Does anyone know who is shipping the soonest? I know it depends on what breeds are available etc...just looking for some additional insight, THANKS
I just placed an order with Meyer Hatchery today for Barred Rocks, Speckled Sussex, and Easter Eggers, and my ship date is May 10th. I have a separate order of Buckeyes coming June 28th, because they were not available until then. Meyer will ship as few as 3 chicks.
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I placed an order from MPC wensday last week, and my chicks are being shipped out today..I should get them wensday! I told them I would except replacements....but they are sending me exactly what I wanted. 2 Delawares, 3 EE's, 3 Red stars and 2 silver laced wyandottes. Is the June date your are talking about, because you are requesting a certain breed? I wanted polish, but I wasn't going to wait till may to get them.
Yes i had selected certain breeds, as I already have 11 girls i wanted certain ones to add to it.

I'm on Meyer's now and it's not letting me actually order anything online, do you have to call to order?
Thanks all, but I had a BO hen go broody so I've been spending my whole day coming up with eggs for her (we don't have a rooster)

I'm still trying to find 3 speckled sussex eggs if anyone knows of any available
Got them! now I have the following eggs coming for her to sit on

3 sicilian buttercups
3 barnevelders
3 Silver laced wyandotte
3 speckled sussex
3 white orps

some will probably break so it will end up more like 12 under her, she's a very big girl

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