Mrs. Loner not so lonely anymore.

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    Aug 15, 2009
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    My little golden sebright hen always stays by her self. She does not get picked on, she just likes to be by her self most of the time, or where ever we are. That is why we started to call her Loner. She is a very sweet little hen. When she see me coming she will come run up to me clucking all the way. She went broody and would not get off no matter what I did. I put three Serama eggs that were ready to hatch under her. They hatched on Sunday. I had some in the incubator that hatched also. I gave them all to her. Now she is a very good, happy little mommy hen. I will have to change her name now. Just wanted to share. It makes me smile to see her with them.
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    Oh how gorgeous she is, and how cute to see Momma and babies together!

    I have 3 Silver Sebrights and 1 Golden - how old was yours before you knew she was a she and not a he???? I am so hoping ALL of mine are girls. [​IMG]
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    Beautiful hen!! Great pics!
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    May 31, 2010
    Quote:very cute!
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    Aww she looks like a very happy mama!

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