Mucus and Blood

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NikkiBoyce 2012

In the Brooder
6 Years
Oct 1, 2013
We got our 101 meat chickens yesterday. 6 are dead so far. They all seemed hyper and happy, eating and drinking.. The latest one to die I noticed a spot of blood a few inches behind it and it had a string of mucus coming out of it's mouth. We got these from Farm and Home who in turn got them from Cackle Hatchery. I was expecting some casualties. We have a big kitchen and that is where they are. They have a large brooder and Use the entire space (not too hot or too cold), there are 3 feeding/water stations. They got water with electrolytes the first day. Eating Naturewise meatbird crumbles. At what point can I expect to be out of the woods?
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