mud solutions?

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    Jun 13, 2010
    West Virginia
    We've only lived in WV for 2 yrs now and in our house for 1 yr. The rains are making mud mud mud! Not the type of mud that you sink into, this is slippery mud. Our lot is mostly a hill. During the summer we dug out a walking path and some dirt steps to the coop and in the run. Recently though it's getting hard to keep the dirt steps steppy. They erode a little and as we slip on them....
    We put a layer of gravel down in the fall. Most of that is now in the dirt/mud. Which makes it tough to dig in those areas (like to re-do the steps). In desperation I spread some straw over the steps a few days ago. I had to just let the chickens free range all day (we limit them because they LOVE to go vising the neighbors) because it was too slick to get into the pen/coop to get to their waterer & feeder (we gave them feed & water in make shift containers).
    Anyone else battling mud like this? Any tips? I've wondered if sand might help. We bought some large stepping stones today and put one on each dirt step. As of today, we love them! Hope they don't sink in too much over the winter.
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    Sand. You will wonder why you waited so long. You can search sand in run on here and find some good info.
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    Jun 13, 2010
    West Virginia
    Quote:Good to know! I was worried it would sink in like the gravel. I'll check it out [​IMG]
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    Google mole plow drainage.

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    See my "fixing a muddy run" page, link in .sig below, for suggestions for a multi-pronged attack on the problem. Which really works a lot better in the long run than just chucking stuff in to try to keep the chickens abovewater [​IMG]

    Good luck, have fun,

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    Quote:Pat that mud post is BRILLIANT!
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    Im not on a hill, but I love the large stepping stones I put in my run last summer! I did remove them, scrape, and reset them every once in a while when the ground was hard packed. I am hoping this will keep them from sinking!

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