Muddy chicken yard


5 Years
Jun 20, 2014
Sandy, oregon
My chicken yard is a horrible muddy mess! It doesn't help when the ducks go into the chicken run and make a mess with the water either. What can I do to make it not so messy? My little white Cochin roo is so messy! I put straw down in the run but it just gets mixed in with the mud. Any suggestions?
I think I will try bark. I tried sand one time in the run and it still got messy. We are trying to level it out, so I don't want to do too much.
As long as the ducks have access to the chicken coop, they'll be in the chicken coop. Especially if there's a drop of water anywhere in the coop. Ducks have the uncanny ability to hunt down and usually find the smallest, most minute puddle of standing water anywhere. As Folly's Place stated...keep the ducks !!! Good Luck !!!

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