Muddy Chicks HELP


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Aug 17, 2009
Cut n Shoot Texas
2 of my 2 1/2 weekers got out of the brooder and now they are covered with mud. Can I bathe chicks so young? What do I use? Some of the other ones have dried on poop on them too so is it ok to bathe them all ?
I don't think a full fledged bath is the best idea for young birds. I would bring them inside and use a wet rag of some sort and wipe them down as best you can. Then keep them under a light until they are completely dry and acting in a normal manner. Good luck.
already tried that.....some of the mud is already dried and hard so I will give them a spell to rest and try again with another gentle wipe down
I'm really new to this, so maybe I just got lucky, but I just bathed my smallest Silkie yesterday, at only 5 days old. It was covered in all manner of grossness from the other chicks and I was worried that it wouldn't stay warm enough since it's feathers were all matted.

I simply ran it under the faucet (keeping it's head dry) in water slightly warmer than lukewarm, didn't even use soap. I gently rubbed it's wings and body under the water in the direction the feathers grow. I then patted it dry with paper towels and held it under the heat lamp for a few minutes while blowing on it to help fluff up the feathers. In no time, it was dry and fluffy and scampering about the brooder. It seems much more comfortable now.

If you do decide to wash them, I'd make sure to just do one at a time so you can give each one lots of attention and make sure they are reacting well before moving on. Good luck!
"Bathed" one of mine at two weeks for clotted poopy stuck all over her backside (not pasty butt...wasn't clogged up). I ran about 2 inches of warm water in the sink and sat/held her in there while working at it...took about 5 minutes. I wrapped her in a warm handtowel, blotted, and then used the blow dryer to get her dried and fluffed back out...then in to the heat lamp. She is one of my wilder chicks, and she did quite well...maybe she like the warm water??? Or maybe she was just happy to have the big clump back there off...

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