Multi-Generation Olive Layers - all shades included!


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Aug 18, 2008
Up for auction: 12+ eggs from our two project Olive pens. The best part about Olive Layers is all the different shades you can get right? Well, to increase the options, we have split our 1st and 2nd generation olive girls into two pens - you will hatch chicks that will lay all over the spectrum, from light sage green, teal, and golden olive to dark olive and green.


Pen 1 contains a handsome Black Copper Marans rooster with several blue and black olive laying hens. We have paired our lighter green layers with this male to deeper their olive drab color. One of my favorite teal layers is in this pen!

Pen 2 contains a wonderful Splash Ameraucana rooster (pips&peeps) paired with our Black Copper Marans hens & darker green/olive layers. The eggs these chicks will lay will be a richer green/olive - due to their father's vibrant blue genetics.

Your chicks will be either blue or black, with copper highlights.

Now onto the best part - the eggs!!



Eggs will ship on 3/15 (Tuesday) or 3/16 (Wednesday) so payment needs to be made at the end of the auction. Paypal only please.

We ship flat rate priority (in the large 15$ box) and can add insurance or signature if requested.

Please also note that even as carefully as your eggs will be shipped, we cannot guarantee that there will be no breakage in transit. We also cannot guarantee the percentage of your hatch as the incubators temperature and humidity are very variable. Fertility has been fantastic for these birds - I have a whole bunch in the incubator right now on day 16!

Thanks and Happy Bidding!!
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Hm, if I don't win this auction, will you have eggs available again in a couple of weeks? Say, the weekend of the 26th?

My SO will be in SoCal that weekend and it would be excellent if we could skip shipping by having him pick them up!
Absolutely beautiful eggs!!! How do you eat them? I'd end up with a truck load of year old rotten (but beautiful) eggs
How can I be the only bidder, with my luck? ...I'm just gonna keep my fingers crossed.

But I know you're all out there, lurking.

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We ship flat rate priority (in the large 15$ box) and can add insurance or signature if requested.

Thank you!!
What are all the breeds that have gone in the making of these? I'm kind of funny in that I like to know all the breeds in my mixes.
If there are EEs, do you know if they go back to just mixed color Ameraucanas, or are they hatchery EE? I just can't stop looking at these beautiful eggs!!

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