Multiple Roos and their hen choices


5 Years
Mar 30, 2014
Great Exuma, Bahamas
For those of you with larger flocks, this question is for you.
What are your observations as far as Roos over which hens? What I mean is, say you have 3 Roos and 30 hens, does rooster "a" typically have his own birds? Or choose the same ones regularly? Or is it more like back in high school where there are a few popular hens that all the boys go after and some get left out?
Your personal observations would be appreciated.
Just wondering if the mate of a hen can be determined sometimes without segregating the flock.
Thanks in advance!
My three rosters have about 60 hens. They don't share their girlfriends willingly. You can't tell who the sire of a chick will be, as "adultery" will take place. A hen squawks as the wrong rooster mates, the proper rooster rushes to the scene, but too late, the deed is done.
When I'm looking to incubate eggs from the parents I want, the preferred birds are separated from the rest of the flock for two weeks, before I collect eggs for hatching. After I get the numbers I'm after, they're turned loose again.

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