Multiple Roosters


Jun 22, 2022
NE Indiana
I’m new to backyard birds! My first set of chickens (11 standard girls) is about 3 months old. My second set (4 unsexed bantams and 1 unsexed standard) is 2 months old. They are all integrated in the same coop/free ranging together but they remain in their little separate groups. This morning, 2 of the second set/bantams started crowing. So I’m thinking I have at least two roosters. Will they breed the larger group? They don’t currently mingle aside from sleeping in the coop at night. Or will they only breed the girls in their little flock? Hoping I can get away with keeping two roosters but if they only breed the girls in their flock, I suppose I will have issues.
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I my experience roosters will breed anything they can jump on you may have to separate the flocks and be on the lookout for more roosters. A few years back I bought 7 chicks and all but one, roosters. Sometimes I think I'm the only one that could have luck like that but see there are other folks that get rostered out also. :)

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